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 SPARKLING  & NON ALCOHOLIC wines on this page
Velvet Lake  red, white,rose 6 x 75cl £22.99
Vintners pino grigio , chardonnay 6 x 75cl £24.99
Blossom hill chardonay (white) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom hill pino grigio (white) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom hill sauvignon blanc (white) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom hill cabernet sauvignon(red) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom hill merlot (red) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom Hill table white wine 6 x 75cl £27.99
Blossom Hill table red wine 6 x 75cl £27.99
Blossom Hill rose zinfadel 6 x 75cl £39.99
Blossom Hill grenachie rose  (b) 6 x 75cl £31.99
Blossom Hill rose 6 x 75cl £27.99
Blossom Hill white red rose 12x187ml £18.99
LADIES wines    
Cherryb ladies pink wine 113mlx24 £16.99
Baby Cham 20cl x 24 £16.99
Casilerro Diablo sauvignon blanc white 6 x 75cl £33.99
Casilerro Diablo cabernet sauvignon red 6 x 75cl £33.99
also in:  shiraz, rose, pino, merlot, charonay    
Fat Basterd pino noir(red) 6x75cl £35.99
Fat Basterd ROSE syrah 6x75cl £36.99
Echo falls merlot (red) or pino Rose 6x75cl £28.99
Echo falls pino grigio 6x75cl £28.99
Echo falls chardonay 6x75cl £28.99

Echo falls cabernet sauvignon(red),


6x75cl £28.99
MATEUSV  rose' wine 6x75cl £27.99
Jacobs creek chardonay/ sauv.blnc 6x75cl £30.99
Jacobs creek shiraz (red) 6x75cl


Jacobs creek ROSE 6x75cl £35.99
JP Chenet vin de pays red 6x75cl £29.99
JP Chenet vin de pays white 6x75cl £29.99
JP Chenet ROSE 6x75cl £32.99
KUMALA chenin blanc chardonay 6x75cl £28.99
Kumala sav.blanc (white) 6x75cl £28.99
Kumala pinotage shiraz (red),rose 6x75cl £28.99
SPARKLING wines    
Jacobs creek sparkling pino noir 6x75cl £49.99
asti martini sparkling 6x75cl £49.99
Cordon negro sparkling 6x75cl £42.99
Lambert ROSE Spumante extra dry 6x75cl £42.99
Fat Basterd Sparkling 6x75cl £39.99
La Gioiosa Brut Prosecco 6x75cl £42.99
Martini Prosecco 6x75cl £46.99
Cinzano Prosecco 6 x 75cl £43.99
Nosecco  (alcohol free prosecco) 6 x 75cl £19.99
NON-alcoholic sparkling wines    

"pure heaven" non-alcoholic


in white grape, mango

white grape & peach, peach, red grape,

white grape & strawberry

12 x 75cl £19.99
CAMPO vijeo rose wine 6x75cl £38.99
VILLA MARIA new zealand -sav blnc.b 6x75cl £35.99

YELLOW TAIL (australia)pino,merlot,chard

shiraz, rose cabn sauv

6x75cl £31.99
Calvet CHABLIS white wine 6x75cl £77.99
Hardy's merlot (red) 6x75cl £29.99
Hardy's cabernet sauvignon (red) 6x75cl £29.99
Hardy's chardonay (white) 6x75cl £29.99
Hardy's shiraz (red) 6x75cl £29.99
Magnum Tonic wine 24x200ml £52.99
Stone's original green ginger wine 6x70cl £24.99
other wine brands available please ask........
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